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Thursday, April 18, 2024


Project Design-Build Contracting

Emphasizing green building, a strong USA based design team and partnership with local construction companies, IHFD is able to design and build complex construction projects including sub-divisions with water supply, sewage systems, power systems and other vertical and infrastructural components.

IHFD's ability to ensure that projects are in compliance with national and international norms and standards, including IBC, DIN, IEC, OSHA and other standards has enabled it to comply with requirements of governmental, multi-lateral, commercial and private customers.
  Project Management

IHFD's construction project management ability enables project owners to have peace of mind that their projects will finish on-time, on-budget and in compliance with national and international norms. IHFD is able to use state of the art technologies and project manageemnt tools to ensure that the integrity of construction projects are maintained and waste as well as error is avoided.  Project cycle management is thus streamlined so that the project is lean with minimum opportunities for resource wastage. 

Construction Quality Control

On behalf of project owners, and construction companies, IHFD and its partners ensure that construction and other large projects are completed with the highest quality. IHFD will ensure that the complete project cycle from design to implementation and commissioning are in line with the highest expectations of professionalism and integrity, in line with internationally accepted norms and standards
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